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Whitefish Credit Union

Whitefish Credit Union began modestly in 1934, with five railroad employees contributing $5 each. Now, they are Montana’s largest Credit Union, with over $1 billion in assets. In 2011, they turned to Grid for guidance in elevating their marketing to match their level of growth.

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Beyond the Banner: Digital Audio and Video Advertising

You may have heard the term “banner blindness,” which is the idea that consumers have been conditioned over time to scroll past or otherwise ignore digital advertisements on websites, because the ads aren’t at all relevant to their interests. If your campaign is unfocused or otherwise...

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Our Work: Whitefish Credit Union’s “Take a Break” Summer Vehicle Loan Campaign

For most consumers, car payments are a major part of their monthly expenditures. In 2015, over $1 trillion in vehicle loans were made, with the average monthly payment hovering just under $400/mo. Falling unemployment and strong job growth, combined with low interest rates and gasoline prices, are...

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Leave Media Planning to the Professionals

Media planning is the process of determining which media to use and what type of advertisement spots to buy to either support your company’s overall marketing strategy or a specific marketing campaign. The process involves devising a strategy, negotiating and purchasing, while taking into...

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Our Work: Whitefish Credit Union School Spirit Visa® Debit Card Campaign

Whitefish Credit Union, the largest credit union in Montana, takes pride in the amount of financial education they provide to their members, especially to younger audiences who may be just starting to form a relationship with a financial institution. We worked with the credit union to roll out...

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Production Value: Delivering Great Videos

There’s a buzz of excitement, an almost electric atmosphere, when you’re on a video shoot. It can feel magical when you get a great take, for the people in front of as well as behind the lens. It’s even more thrilling to see that work on television, or to see the view counts rise for people...

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The Case for Drones

A (Very) Brief History of Unmanned Flight

Drones have been in use since the early 2000s. The first wide-spread application? You probably guessed it – the United States military. The unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, were flown over Afghanistan collecting geographic data and relaying...

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2014 Internet Advertising Revenue Report

The IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2014 was published yesterday, and if you don’t plan to read the whole thing (really, we don’t expect you to) we’ve wrapped up a few of the key highlights that should mean something to your business:

Digital video remains the fastest...