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Our Work: For Convergent, Targeted Search Engine Marketing is Key

When it comes to online advertising, one of the most valuable benefits is the ability to collect and analyze data about the campaign. Data is neither positive nor negative in and of itself, but you can use that data to give you more information about your potential and current customers -...

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The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC advertising, is the overarching term given to any digital advertising strategy where the advertiser pays based on the number of clicks an ad receives, not the number of times the ad is shown. While the concept of PPC advertising popped up in the mid 1990s (with...

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An Analysis of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is far and away the number one analytics tool in use on the web today. In 2014, it was reported that 67% of Fortune 500 companies use Google Analytics, with somewhere in the range of 29.5 million total websites using the data platform. So just what is Google Analytics, why has it...

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2014 Internet Advertising Revenue Report

The IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2014 was published yesterday, and if you don’t plan to read the whole thing (really, we don’t expect you to) we’ve wrapped up a few of the key highlights that should mean something to your business:

Digital video remains the fastest...

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How Does Google AdWords Work?

Google AdWords is a system that allows businesses to pay Google to show their advertisements to people who use Google to search for certain keywords. What advertisement Google decides to show can be complicated to explain, but I found this great infographic that gives an overview of how these...