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Land Shark

Corporate Air Parts, the company behind the Land Shark, approached Grid with their newest product - a stealth and survival bag that was more versatile and compact than current products on the market. They needed help bringing this potentially life saving product to market in a way that was...

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Press Kits & the Art of Self-Promotion

What is a press kit?

Press kits are the means by which you let members of the media, retailers, and others fully experience your product or service, and get to know your brand. Typically, the purpose of a press kit is to inspire a review or feature of your product or service, without being paid...

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Our Work: Land Shark Social Media Campaign

The Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter and Stealth Bag is a safety and survival product designed to protect the user from extreme heat, cold, and exposure to the elements. The product was developed by a former Air Force pilot, is extremely durable, and is made in America.

When we first began...

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Business Collateral - Easy to Do, Hard to Do Right

Business collateral is an, admittedly, fairly vague term used to reference a wide variety of printed or digital pieces of marketing material, and is often referred to by similar names such as marketing collateral, sales collateral, brand collateral or identity collateral. The one consistency...